Photo by Sebastiano Piazzi on Unsplash

A parallel could be made between the Back to the Future movies and our current situation. Even when Marty McFly fixed the disruptions of his time travels so that the major life events would play out with the original outcomes, the movies always end with him getting back to his own reality, but that reality was never completely the same as it was before. It was always a little different. A little better.

Many of us thought (or hoped) that COVID 19 was going to be a V-shaped crisis, with everything returning to the status quo ante in just a few weeks or months. However even when the economy does bounce back, we know from history that after a major crisis life never looks quite the same again. We’ve also seen these times of crisis spark major technological advancements that have changed our world for the better.

As states start to reopen we are witnessing our current new reality unfold, where business, social life, and travel looks very different than it did before. To navigate this successfully we must individually and collectively identify the challenges and adapt. Technology will save us again! (And again.)

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