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Hercules Capital Inc. trusted Opentrends to drive their digital transformation to evolve their legacy, on-premise, local file system to a brand new, cloud-based, global document management system (DMS).

Employee-centered, 24/7 availability (from anywhere), and a high level of security were some of the main functional requirements uncovered by our design…

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  • The global software house has developed a modern and technological alternative to ratings, polling or campaign spending through its new portal WWW.ELECTIONDIGITALTRENDS.COM
  • The data is a new way to look at election data, addressing poll shortcomings by providing a clear and evolving picture of a candidate’s popularity and overall enthusiasm…
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System for data management and exploitation

Opentrends’ high expertise in system architecture and cloud computing permits Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) to start analyzing and managing the data generated from their recently opened Low Emissions Zone (vehicle and environmental data). An area expected to account 1.5+ million vehicles entering per day.


Our SDA-solution based for system scalability…

An introduction to success and challenges of Teams as a Service

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Social distancing measures resulting from COVID have forced many into a prolonged state of telecommuting. Fortunately for Opentrends and many other tech companies, remote working is not a challenge as we have been doing it for a long time. …


Disney+ launched Nov 2019 by the animation giant is one of the latest examples of digitally transforming a business to embrace emerging tech and create memorable customer experiences. Studying their case can serve as an inspiration to many companies.

The risk of not transforming

The digital transformation of an organization is its reinvention through the…


What is Low Code?

Low Code is simply the concept of “no coding necessary” to build software applications. It’s a way for non-engineers to build apps in the cloud using visual drag and drop modules provided by a number of platforms available in the market. …

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